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Khakan Sajid
--: Biography of Khakan Sajid :--



Khakan Sajid (real name Muhammad Sajid) is an Urdu short story writer from Pakistan. His native town is Bhera, a historical place near Sargodha. He was born on February 15, 1965 at Wah, a small town near the capital city of Islamabad, where his father Mirza Muhammad Saleem served as Railways Station Master. He acquired his early education at Malikwal and Sargodha. Later he joined the Army as an officer and obtained his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Telecommunications from MCS, a constituent college of NUST Islamabad.

Khakan Sajid began writing short stories during his school days. His first story was published in February 1983 in a popular Urdu short story magazine. His genres include romance, realism, mystery and horror, sometimes all mixed in a single work. His best selling novel Champoon (2007) is the best example of his writing style. The author has also published a collection of horror stories titled Wahoosh (2006). A book containing his short stories has been published in 2008 under the title Adamzad. In addition to writing original stories he has translated literary works of various Nobel Laureates and renowned American, English, Russian and French short story writers, into the Urdu language. These translations have been published in four volumes. He also writes a column titled'Chae-pe-baat' in an Urdu Newspaper Roznama PAKISTAN. His other hobbies include painting, drawing cartoons, calligraphy and compering. Khakan Sajid is married and has two daughters. He resides in twin cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad.

List of Books

(1) WAHOOSH [The Animals](Horror Stories) 
(2) CHAMPOON[Flower](Novel) 
(3) ADAMZAD[Sons of Adam](Short Stories) 
(4) SHAHKAR AALMI AFSANAY(Translated Short Stories) 
(5) YADGAR AFSANAY(Translated Short Stories) 
(6) NOBEL INAM YAFTA MUSSANFEEN K BEHTREEN AFSANAY(Translated works of Nobel Laureates) 
(7) NOBEL INAM YAFTA MUSSANFEEN K YADGAR AFSANAY (Translated works of Nobel Laureates)


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