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Khalid Sohail
--: Biography of Khalid Sohail :--


Dr. Khalid Sohail, psychiatrist, poet, and writer, has a wide range of interests and passions. He received his degree in medicine from Khyber Medical College, Pakistan in 1974, and completed his residency in Psychiatry at Memorial University, New foundland in 1982. From 1983 to 1995 he worked in psychiatric hospitals in Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Ontario. In 1995 he left the hospital to open the Creative Psychotherapy Clinic in Whitby, Ontario.

He has presented papers at professional conferences in various countries:

·         Mystery of Love -Atlantic Psychiatric Association 1982

·         Therapy With People Suffering from Schizophrenia - Canadian Psychiatric Association, Winnipeg, 1992

·         Therapy With Couples -International Conference on Divorce, Israel, 1993

·         Therapy With Immigrants -World Psychiatric Conference, Rio de Janeiro, 1994

·         The Revolving Door: Encounters With The Chronically Mentally Ill - Ontario Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, 2000

·         Breaking the Cycle: Encounters With Domestic Violence in the Muslim Community- Canadian Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, Vancouver, 2000

He has written several books on various aspects of therapy:

·         Therapeutic Encounters ( Psychotherapy)

·         Schizophrenia: Accepting A Challenge

·         From One Culture To Another (Therapy With Immigrants)

·         Strangers Care (Group Therapy)

·         Mixed Marriages: A 21st Century Phenomenon

·         Encounters With Depression

·         Growing Alone - Growing Together (Therapy With Couples)

He has also published a collection of poems and short stories:

·         Pages of My Heart (Poetry)

·         Breaking the Chains (Short Stories)

·         A Broken Man (Novella)

In the past five years, his company, Darvesh Films Canada, has made several documentaries on mental health issues:

·         Intimate Encounters (Mixed Marriages)

·         Mixed Messages (Children of Mixed Marriages)

·         Encounters With Depression

·         Growing Alone - Growing Together (Therapy With Couples)

·         The Revolving Door: Encounters With the Chronically Mentally Ill

·         Breaking the Cycle: Encounters With Domestic Violence in the Muslim Community

Books by Dr. Sohail:

·         From Islam to Secular Humanism (2001)

·         The Myth of The Chosen One: Serial Killers (2002)

·         The Art of Living in Your Green Zone (October 2002)

Whether through the written word or the moving image, Dr. Sohail has always been interested in sharing his humanistic philosophy about people suffering from mental illness and emotional problems, with other professionals, family members and the community at large. He also believes that learning is a life-long process, and that working together is better than working alone.




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