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Khalifa Abdul Hakim
--: Biography of Khalifa Abdul Hakim :--


Dr. Khalifa Abdul Hakim was a philosopher, art critic, writer and poet par excellence. He was born on June 13, 1896 at Lahore and died at the same place on January 31, 1959. Dr. Khalifa Abdul Hakim did his Matriculation in 1910; FA in 1913 from Aligarh Mohammadan Anglo Oriental College (Which was declared as Aligarh Muslim University in the year 1920); BA in 1915 from Delhi St Stephens College; MA in 1917 also from Delhi St Stephen's College; LLB in 1918 Lahore from Law College. He was appointed Assistant Prof of Philosophy 1919 Osmania University Hyderabad Deccan. In 1925, he did his PhD from Heidelberg University, Germany (paid for by his salary and a loan from the University); The same year (1925) he became, Head of Department Philosophy of Osmainia University Deccan. He became Principal of Amar Singh College 1943-47 Srinagar, Kashmir and Director Education on Deputation. One again, he was appointed as Dean Faculty of Arts 1948-49 Osmaina University Hyderabad Deccan; He was awarded LLD (Honoris Causa) by the Punjab University Lahore 1957. He penned hundreds of books in Urdu, English and Persian and translated many an epic from Persian. He also translated Gita in Urdu in poetic form, which has been published by Haryana Urdu Academy and Bharti Vidhya Bhavan, Mumbai. His book Fikr-e-Iqbal is taught in higher Urdu classes. Though a number of books have been published but here is a list of book found on (

1. Islamic ideology ( Islamic ideology: the fundamental beliefs and principles of Islam and their application to practical life. 5 editions - first published in 1953)

2. Islam and communism (3 editions - first published in 1953)

3. Fikr-e Iqbal (3 editions - first published in 1956),

4. Kalam-e-?akim (Poetry - 2 editions - first published in 1973)

5. Dastan-i danish ( 2 editions - first published in 1943), 6. The metaphysics of Rumi. 6. ( The metaphysics of Rumi: a critical and historical sketch.- 2 editions - first published in 1933)

7. Afkar-i Ghalib ( 2 editions - first published in 1973).

8. Maqalat-i ?akim (2 editions - first published in 1969)

9. Fundamental human rights (2 editions - first published in 1955)

10. Tashbihat-i Rumi (2 editions - first published in 1990)

11. Tashbihat-i Rumi (1 edition - first published in 1959) 12. Fikr-e-Iqbal (1 edition - first published in 1961) 13. The Prophet and his message (1 edition - first published in 1972)

14. Iqbal aur Mulla (1 edition - first published in 1960),

15. Talkhi?-i khutbat-i Iqbal 1 edition - first published in 1988),

16. ?ikmat-e-Rumi (1 edition - first published in 1955)

17. Afkar-e-Ghalib (1963)

18. The metaphysics of Rumi (a critical and historical sketch-1945).

The thoughts of Dr Khalifa Abdul Hakim are a leading light for the sane Muslims who decry terrorism and regard Islam as a religion of love. Other books of Dr Khalifa Abdul Hakeem has been published by the Institute of Islamic Culture, 2 Club Road, Lahore, Pakistan. 

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