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Khalique Ibrahim Khalique
--: Biography of Khalique Ibrahim Khalique :--


Khalique Ibrahim Khalique   (b. 1926 - d. 2006) was a Pakistani poet, critic and documentary filmmaker. Khalique has a literary career spans more than six decades.
Khalique Ibrahim Khalique was born in Hyderabad in 1926 into the Kaul clan of Kashmiri Pundit Brahmins who had converted to Islam and settled in Lucknow, where he grew up. The family practised Greek Medicine, established educational and literary institutions of renown and participated in the freedom movement.
Khalique received his early education in Lucknow but was later sent to Lahore and graduated from Punjab University. He began his film career as a script and dialogue writer with Information Films of India at a tender age in 1945 after moving from Lahore to Mumbai. Later, he decided to settle in Karachi in 1953 on the insistence of his former boss and mentor in filmmaking, a man of Irish origin who was setting up the Department of Films and Publications in Pakistan.
Khalique married Hamra Khalique (née Firdaus Hamra) in 1964 who also comes from a family of writers, poets and educators. She was a teacher by profession and now known as a fiction writer, playwright and a translator of literature. They have two sons, Harris Khalique, a poet and intellectual in his own right, and Tariq Khalique, a professional journalist with interest in filmmaking.
Khalique excelled as the pioneering documentary filmmaker of Pakistan. His films were exhibited the world over including at Cannes,Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Leningrad, New York and Beijing during the 1960s and ’70s. He won more than 20 prizes including merit awards from international festivals, Tamgha-i-Imtiaz in 1969 and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Karafilm Festival in 2003. He was an acclaimed poet and writer of Marxist persuasions. His memoirs Manzilein Gard Ke Manand gained special recognition.
  Major Documentary Films
§  Ghalib (Urdu)
§  Pakistan Story (English) and its Urdu version Pakistan ki kahani
§  Pathway to Prosperity (English) and its Urdu version Khushhali ka rasta
§  One Acre of Land (English)
§  The Coconut Tree (English)
§  Pakistan siqafat kay ai'nay main (Urdu) and its English version Cultural Heritage of Pakistan
§  Architecture (English)
§  Journey through Darkness (English)
§  Buddha in Stone (English)
§  Quaid-i-Azam (Urdu)
§  Manzilein Gard Ke Manand (Memoirs)
§  Ujalon Ke Khwaab (Poetry)
§  Pakistan Story (History)
§  Kamyab Nakam (Short Stories)
§  Aurat Mard Aur Dunya (Play)
§  Urdu Ghazal Ke Pachchees Saal (Literary Criticism)
§  Chund Tahreerein (Selected writings compiled by Rahat Saeed)
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