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Khatir Ghaznavi
--: Biography of Khatir Ghaznavi :--

 Khatir Ghaznavi an eminent poet and writer born in 1925, and died in year 1908.

Khatir Ghaznavi died after a protracted illness in his native town in Peshawar. Professor Khatir Ghaznavi was the founder member of Abaseen Arts Council and an ex-Director General of Pakistan Academy of Letters. He also remained chairman of Urdu Department of Peshawar University.

Khatir Ghaznavi's main contribution was writing about society and love to bring change in peoplesí life, and values. Late Ghaznavi was an asset for Urdu literature and wrote a number of books. His famous ghazal," Go Zara See Bath Par Barsoon Ke Yarane Gaye Lekin Itna To Howa Kuch Log Pehchane Gaye," is his oft-quoted couplet.


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