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Khurshid Rizvi
--: Biography of Khurshid Rizvi :--


Professor Dr Khurshid Rizvi is a multifaceted scholar of oriental languages who possesses equal dexterity in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English and is well-versed in Punjabi. Dr. Rizvi also ranks highly amongst the Urdu poets, researchers & men of letters in Pakistan. In recognition of his literary services, Dr. Rizvi was decorated with one of the highest civilian awards ; Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan in 2008. He was also given Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi award in 2001. Dr. Rizvi also represents Pakistan in the Arabic Language Authority (Majma' al-Lughah al-'Arabiyyah) Cairo , Egypt .These days he is largely associated with the prestigious Government College University, Lahore as a Professor Emeritus.

Born on May 19th 1942 in Amroha, India, he migrated as a child to Montgomery (now Sahiwal) in Punjab, Pakistan. Here he studied at Islamia High School, Government High School & finally graduated from Government College, Montgomery in 1959. He moved to the University Oriental College Lahore for higher studies and did his MA in Arabic in 1961, winning a gold medal. Later , he got his Ph.D. in Arabic from the University of the Punjab in 1981.

Dr. Khurshid Rizvi has authored and edited books in many languages on a range of subjects. He has also done substantial translation work which includes Arabic translation of "Federal Shariat Court Judgement on Bank Interest (Riba)" for Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. His recent book entitled " Arabi Adab Qabl az Islam" i.e. "Pre-Islamic Arabic Literature" is considered by critics to be a an authentic and invaluable introduction of Arabic literature in Urdu language. His

publications include:

1. Shakh-e-Tanha (poetry) 
2. Sarabon ke Sadaf (poetry) 
3. Rayegan (poetry) 
4. Imkan (poetry) 
5. Yakja (poetry) 
6. Taleef (essays) 
7. Atraaf (essays) 

8. Tareekh-e-uloom mein Tehzeeb-e-Islaami ka Muqam (Urdu translation from Arabic) 
9. Hukm al-Mahkamat-al-Shar'iyyah.. (translation from English into Arabic of the judgment of the Federal Shari'at 
10. Court of Pakistan on bank interest) 
11. Qala'id al-Juman ... (critical editing of a 13th century Arabic manuscript) 
12. Arabi Adab Qabl az islam - Part one (A comprehensive introduction of Pre-Islamic Arabic literature)

Dr. Rizvi has adhered almost entirely to teaching as profession which he considers his true passion. He turned to teaching at the tender age of 19 as Lecturer in Arabic at Government College Bahawalpur from where he moved to Government College Sargodha and continued there up to 1984 when he became the principal of Government Ambala Muslim Collage Sargodha. In 1985 he proceeded on deputation to the Islamic Research Institute, International Islamic University, Islamabad where he served as Chief Bureau of Translation for six years. In 1991 he became Head of the Department of Arabic at Government College Lahore (now a university), retiring in 1995. He continued there as a visiting professor later to be honoured as the Distinguished Professor - a lifetime posting. Dr Khurshid Rizvi is considered an authority on the ancient Arabic literature and manuscript editing, within Pakistan as well as in the Arab world. He has performed the monumental task of editing, single-handedly, a rare peace of Arabic Literary history which was lost in Baghdad at the time of the Hulagu's attack on the city in 1258 which was later published by Sheikh Zaid Islamic Center. Dr. Rizvi has lately been busy in compiling a book on Pre-Islamic Arabic Literature which was recently published. The book written in Urdu shall help introduce the taste of classical Arabic literature in and around Pakistan in an effective way, critics maintain. 


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