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Maharaja Kishen Pershad
--: Biography of Maharaja Kishen Pershad :--


Maharaja Sir Kishen Pershad Bahadur served as Prime Minister of Hyderabad State under Nizams VI & VII on two occasions: first 1902-1912, then 1926 - 1937. He traced his roots back to Raja Todar Mal, emperor Akbar's finance minister. Sir Kishen Pershad had a passion for arts and letters and wrote poetry. He was also a member of the Hyderabad Freemasons. He showed his secular leanings by marrying three Hindu and four Muslim wives. The children from the various wives adopted the religions of their respective mothers.

The collection of his poetry 'Guldasta-e-Shad' has been published by Andhra Pradesh Urdu Academy, Hyderabad.

Once the Maharaja wrote.

But parasti men kati umr to parwa kya hai 
shaad ab chal ke madine men musalman honge 
Nawab Fasahat Jung, who was his adversary replied 
But paraston ko madine men na aane denge 
Shad ab chal ke jahanum men pasheman honge 
Recently, I went through a ghazal by him in Nadeem, Bhopal. I think there is a printing error in one the couplets. Rest of the ghazal is ok. Though it is not a great peace of poetry but is valuable since it is the contribution of a non-Muslim poet.

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