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Malik Muhammad Jayasi
--: Biography of Malik Muhammad Jayasi :--


Malik Muhammad Jayasi   (1477–1542) was an Indian poet who wrote in the Avadhi dialect of Hindi.
He hailed from Jais, presently a city in the Rae Bareli district in the  Uttar Pradesh. Though his tomb lies in a place 3 km north of Ram Nagar, near Amethi, where he died in 1542, today a "Jaisi Samarak" (Jaisi Memorial) can be found in the city of Jais.
His most famous work is Padmavat (1540), a poem describing the story of the historic siege of Chittor by Alauddin Khilji in AD 1303, who attacked Chittor after hearing of the beauty of Queen Rani Padmini, the wife of King Rawal Ratan Singh.
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