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Mansoora Ahmad
--: Biography of Mansoora Ahmad :--

Mansoora Ahmad

Sofia Anjum, Mansoora Ahmad & Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi


Mansoora Ahmad was closely associated with Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi . Later, she published her own magazine Montaaj.

  Notable poet but her exceptionally deep connection with Ahmad Nadim Qasmi (she was his adopted daughter).


Asif Shafi,Pervez Mahdi,Sughra,Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi & Mansoora Ahmad


Turned her into a formidable figure of our literary politics. Many were offended by her and Parveen Shakir was one of them. Many other made her target of their unkind criticism when they failed to get Qasmi Sahib’s literary and social patronage. One of our best known critics and scholars, Professor Fateh Mohammad Malik who is also the rector of the International Islamic University of Islamabad, recently joined the critics who criticised Mansoora for Qasmi’s aloofness. Mansoora Ahmad’s years in the wake of Qasmi’s death passed in unhappy and heavy-hearted loneliness. But she was an unyielding woman and braved the unnerving circumstances. Mansoora died on 8th June 2011 in Lahore, a week after her birthday (1st June) and was buried in Hafizabad, her home town. 

Ahamad Nadeem Quasmi, Saghier jafri, & Mansoora Ahmad



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