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Manzar Hussain Akbar
--: Biography of Manzar Hussain Akbar :--


Born on 27 August 1951.  His paternal  geneology is linked to Hazrat Maudud Chishti of Hirat and from  maternal side linked to Makhdumulmulk Hazrat sharafuddin Maneri of Bihar Sharif. Hakim Mohammad Iliyas, Yaas Bihari ( 1886-1960) was his grand father.
Manzar Akbar studied Urdu at Mohammadpur school and Dacca College. He is a medical doctor by profession. Having special interest in mother tongue he studied urdu literature  and  composed prose and poetry , most of which were published in University literary magazines. During his studies in Peshawar University he got his poetry corrected by Ahmad Faraz. He  had literary relations with Khater Ghaznavi and Mohsin Ehsan during 1972-75. Well known Urdu writer from Canada and founder of  website Dr. Khalid suhail writes: During my studies in the medical school, I met a number of other medical students who were good writers. Some of them who impressed me were Dennis Isaac, Perveen Azeem, Manzar Hussain Manzar and Qazi Faseeh.
Dr. Manzar studied Bengali at Bangla Acedamy in Dhaka and has a good command in Bengali language too. He studied Persian language and literature in Iran.  In Urdu poetry he seeked guidance from his father Syed Muzaffar hussain Akbar,  Professor Iqbal azeem and Manzar ali khan of Karachi. During his stay in Vienna ( 1982-83) he was active in Urdu literary circle and met a Bihari Urdu activist Akbar azam Manzar. 
Now his literary works are published in Urdu websites
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