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Mazhar Imam
--: Biography of Mazhar Imam :--


Mazhar Imam was born in 1928 in Bihar's Darbhanga district. His father Syed Amir Ali was a post master. Imam did his post-graduation in Urdu and Persian before going to Pune for diploma from TV and Film Institute. In 1951, he joined a daily newspaper Karvaan that was published from Calcutta. Later, he became a schoolteacher and then All India Radio and remained associated for over three decades. Mazhar Imam is considered the founder of Azad Ghazal genre in Urdu poetry.

Best couplets:

1. Rashk karte hain jeetnein waale.. 
ham ne is tarha maat khaayee hai 

2. Apna hi faisla thaa ke ghar chhod kar chale 
Mud mud ke phir ye kyoon dar-o-deewar dekhnaa

Literary Work
1. Zakhme Tamanna (Nazme'n Ghazlei'n 1962)
2. Rishta goonge safar ka (Nazme'n Ghazlei'n 1974)
3. Pichle Mausam ka phool (Ghazlei'n 1988)
4. Band hota hua bazar (Nazme'n 1992)
5. Aati Jaati Lahrein (Tanqeedi Mazameen 1981)
6. Azad Ghazal ka Manzar nama(Tahqeeqi Inshaiya-1983)
7. Jameel Mazhari (Monograph -1992)
8. Aksar yaad aate hain (Yaadashtei'n-1993)
9. Ek Lahar aati hui (Tanqeedi Mazameen-1997)


Urdu poet Mazhar Imam passes away

Mazhar Imam, one of the pioneers of Azad Ghazal genre, and an important poetic voice in the post-independent era, died in Delhi on Monday,30th January2012.

Mazhar Imam was 83. He was undergoing treatment in the hospital for almost three weeks. However, he died of cardiac arrest. Mazhar Imam was born in Darbhanga (Bihar). His first collection of poetry Zakhm-e-Tamanna was published in 1962.

Besides, his other collections included ‘Rishta Goongey Safar Ka’, ‘Pichhle Mausam ka Phool’, ‘Band hota hua Bazaar’. A compilation of his pieces on literary criticism was also published. It was titled, “Aati Jaati Lahrein’.

Mazhar Imam had retired as Director of Doordarshan Kendra at Sri Nagar. Apart from Azad Ghazal, he also wrote Nazms.


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