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Mir Imami
--: Biography of Mir Imami :--

Mir Imami -A Persian Poet of the Bhojpur district of Bihar

Mir Imami was bom at Koath in the Shahabad (or Arrah) district in Mohurrum 1212 A. H. (About 1797 AD). His father, Mir Iftikhar Ali Bilgrami, who under the pen-name of " Zarra " (atom) has left behind a Persian Diwan, gave him the best available education in literature, theology, and medicine.

Mir Imami was sent to join Maulvi Waliullah's Madrasa at Furrukhabad. Mir Imami's cousin and boon-companion was the illustrious Hazrat Shah Sahib Alum Bilgrami of Marahra (United Province) whom Ghalib acknowledged as his spiritual guide in a number of letters addressed to him in Urdu-i-Muallah. On his mother's side, ImSmi traced his lineage from the celebrated Bilgrami poets, Allama Syed Abdul Jalil, and Hussanul-Hiud ^Mir Ghulam AH Azad, as he himself boast : —

(1) The bubble of Abdul Jalil`s ocean I am ; It is a bold testimony that I am Kauser-like (of purest water or lineage ; kauser being a fountain in Mohammed's Paradise).

(2) My house situated at Bilgram Belongs to the same eminent (personage).

The poem, Shorish-i-Ishq, was Imami's maiden attempt at the age of 23 in A.H.
1235. Then followed  Samar-i-Murad (A. H. 1248) and a volume of Persian lyrics. Critics say that Imami's poetic flights remind one of Saeb, Naziri, and Ghanimat. Towards the sunset of his life, his mind became deranged, but the sparks of poetry were all along alive in him.

 He died at the age of 62 in A.H. 1274, leaving behind an only son, Mir Quwwat Ali, ' Shorish ", who had versatile studies and was the author of an Urdu Diwan, a treatise on Prosody (lausi-ul-Qawafi) and a number of original works on Islamic theology. In order that the deceased poet`s memory may not die out, his great-grandson, was named Imami in 1910 AD.

His first work, Shorish-i-Ishq, was printed in 1295 A.H. at the Nurul-anwar Press, Arrah, and covered 28 pages. His later and more mature poem, Samar-i-Murad, was a poem, in the metre of Jami''s Yousuf Zalikha, dealing with the love adventures of a youth, who in course of a voyage after suffering shipwreck reached an island, and there fell in love with a damsel, by an anonymous author.Beginning-  

" My pen is the banner, and word the army ; To the field (of Poetry) I have come : God is Great"



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