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Moeen Faruqi
--: Biography of Moeen Faruqi :--

Moeen Faruqi

Moeen Faruqi  is an artist and poet born in Karachi in Pakistan. He graduated in Physics from the California State University, and has an MEd from the University of Wales. He has had numerous solo and group shows of paintings all over Pakistan and internationally, and has participated and curated several group exhibitions and workshops. He is currently living in Karachi with his wife, who is a theater artist, and three sons Danish, Moez and Ziyad.

His poems have been published in:

Poetry from Pakistan: An Anthology, Oxford University Press (1997)

Dragonfly in the Sun: An Anthology of Pakistani Literature, Oxford University Press (1997), Karachi.

Poems have also appeared in Verse, Orbis, The Rialto (UK), Rattle (US) and in

yphers (Ireland).


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