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Mohsin Bhopali
--: Biography of Mohsin Bhopali :--


Mohsin Bhopali (b. 1932, Bhopal, British India d. January 18, 2007, Karachi, Pakistan) was an acclaimed Urdu poet from Pakistan.

Born in Bhopal, British India, Mohsin Bhopali later migrated to Pakistan. Bhopali made his mark in poetry with ghazals, but gradually won acclaim in other forms with his versatility including Haiku

Mohsin bhopali close friend of Qabil Ajmeri when Qabil Ajmeri died on 3rd oct 1962 he Organize Majlis Yadgar-i-Qabil. 

Eminent Pakistani poet Mohsin Bhopali passed away in Karachi recently. disciple of Saba Mathravi and Seemab Akbarabadi, Mohsin was a poet who experimented with several genres including Haiku and Nazmany. He was born in Hoshangabad in 1932 and had spent his early days in Bhopal.


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