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Momin Khan Momin
--: Biography of Momin Khan Momin :--


Momin Khan Momin was born in respectable Delhi family in 1801 He studied Arabic and Persian He had a multifaceted personality Not only was he a renowned physician, he was also well-versed in music, astronomy and astrology He was also reported to be an oustanding chess player Momin's poetry is free of allusions to mystical love and philosophical thoughts It is steeped in praise of love and beauty He used Persian words without making his work cumbersome and difficult to understand He passed away in 1852 A rather well-known anecdote related to Momin is that Ghalib supposedly said he would exchange his entire 'deewan' for one of Momin's sher The sher in question:
tum mere paas hote ho goyaa 
koii duusaraa nahiin hotaa
Knowing Ghalib's estimate of his self-worth, I take this with a pinch of salt :-) The above sher has been used in a film "Love in Tokyo" for the song:
o mere shaah-e-KhubaaN, o merii jaan-e-jaanaanaaN 
tum mere paas hote ho, koii duusaraa nahiin hotaa
Considering that the beauty of the sher lies in 'goyaa', the lyricist really massacred the sher


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