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Muhammad Hameed Shahid
--: Biography of Muhammad Hameed Shahid :--

 Muhammad Hameed Shahid 


Mohammad Hameed Shahid is a prominent Urdu fiction writer and literary critic of Pakistan. He was born on March 23, 1957 in Pindi Gheb, in Punjab province, Pakistan. After his initial education from his native town, he proceeded to University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, where he gained an honors degree in Horticulture, Agriculture. Then he joined University ofPunjab, Lahore for Law education but left it in the beginning and returned to his native town as his father was seriously ill, who later died. After the death of his father, he decided to join the bank. He did a banking diploma and joined number of courses on banking also.

His first writing was published in 1973 when he was student of Metric. He completed his first book Paiker-e-Jameel and handed over it to a publisher in 1980 when he was university student. As a student, he was editor-in-chief of University literary Magazine Kisht-e-Nau, which is when began writing fiction. Soon afterwards, his characteristic style matured and emerged as his identity. His first collection of short stories was 'Band Ankhoon se Paray' . This was published in 1994 and followed by 'Jannum Jahunam'  in 1998 and 'Margzar'  in 2004. These lead to consolidating his reputation as one of the important contemporary writers of Urdu short story. His novel 'Mitti Adam Khati Hae'  was published in 2007. In addition he is author of books on literary criticism, for example, 'Adbi Tanaziat' , 'Ashfaq Ahmad: Shakheiat o funn ', 'Urdu Afsana: Soorat-o-Mana' & Nasmein titled 'Lamhoon Ka Lams'. He is also, translator of international literary writing in to Urdu. M. Hameed Shahid has written plays for television and column for print media. His several stories have been translated in many other languages of the world.


Short Stories Books
Band Aankhon se pery (Short Stories) 1994
Janam Jahanam (Short Stories) 1998 
MargZaar (Short Stories) 2004

Urdu Novel
Mitti Aadam Khati Hai (Novel) 2007

Literary Criticism
Ashfaq Ahmed: Shakhsitay o Fuun 1998 
Aadbi Tanaziat 2000 
Urdu Afsana: Surat o Mana 2006 
Fateh M. Malik: Shakhsitay o Fuun 2008

Other Books
Paiker-e-Jamil (Serat un Nabi PBUH) 1983 
Lamhon Ka Lams (Nasmain) 1995 
Alif Se Atkhailiyan (Tanziay) 1995

Pakistani Aadab (Intekhab 2002) 2003 
SAARAC Mumalik: Muntakhib Takhliki Aadab 2004 
8th Oct: Tehreer k Aainay Mai 2006 

Syeda Zaheer Un Nisa Taalimi (Wakf) Award, 1995 
NCC Golden Jublee Award bara'ay Aadab, 1997 
Markaz Award Bara'ay Aadbi Coloum Nigari, 1998 
Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Aadbi Award, 2006 
Azmat-e-Fan Award, baraeay Adab, 2007

Nishan-e-Ezaz by Halqa Arbab-e-Zauq Islamabad,2007

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