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Muslim Saleem
--: Biography of Muslim Saleem :--


Muslim Saleem was born on November 1, 1950 at Shahabad, Hardoi (UP) and brought up & educated in Aligarh. Residing in Bhopal since 1979. Started career as journalist in Aftab-e-Jadeed (Urdu). Later switched to Hindi and finally English journalism. He is chief copy editor of Hindustan Times, Bhopal atpresent. His couplets are famous as written by unknown poet. He won the Yaad-e-Basit tarhi mushayara in 1982. His ghazals and short stories have been published in Shair, Ahang, Asri Adab, Agai, Naya Daur, Sada-e-Urdu, Nadeem and many other periodicals and magazines. He has its own website from where he done lot of sevices for Urdu language.
Best couplets:
1. Kaun hai is shahr mein mujh se zyaada baakhabar 
Mujh ko saare bewafaaon ke patey maloom hain 
2. Taqdeer ki mujh se yunhi takraar chalegi 
Main saaye mein baithhoon gaa to deewar chale gi 
3. deo qaamat wo shajar jab tez aandhi mein gira 
pasta-qad jitne they paudey sab qad-aawar ho gaye 
Note : We much thankfull for his website for getting biography of Urdu Writers for this site.
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