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Nadir Ali
--: Biography of Nadir Ali :--

 Nadir Ali 

Nadir Ali born in 1936, His first book Bol Choothay Tay Sachay was written in 1973 and was published in 1989. A collection of stories, Kahani Kara and Kahani Lekha were published in 1995 and 2001. Kahani Paraga is his latest stories book. 

Punjabi literature around which Nadir Ali revolves writes poetry and fiction and attends gathering called the Sangeet. 

During his spell with Pakistan army where he rose to the position of colonel he witnessed with his own eyes the brutal debacle in 1971 in what was then East Pakistan and now Bangladesh. The tragedy took a heavy toll on him and he submerged into sea of gloom. Literature rescued him at that time. 

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