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Naila Akhtar Afshan
--: Biography of Naila Akhtar Afshan :--

Naila Akhtar Afshan


Naila Tabassum Akhtar (alias : Nilofer ) was born on 27th September in Barri Kothi, Muzaffarpur , Bihar ( India ). Recently, she shifted to Amritsar , Punjab. She is a highly educated young lady having two Masters degries - one in Psychology and another in Urdu Linguistics. Currently , she is studying for her PhD degree at GND University, Amritsar. She is also experienced in Business Administration and worked in CIPLA Pharmaceautical Company. She is a talented poetess and her several Ghazals , Nazams and songs have been published in DD India Bareilly and private albums. Naila Akhtar writes under the pen-name ' Afshan ' .She considers Syed Khadim Gillani her 'ustaad' in urdu poetry. Although she is new in the world of Urdu poetry yet she is known as a rising bright star of modern urdu poetry world. Her Kalaam is getting appreciation around the world.

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