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Naqsh Lailpuri
--: Biography of Naqsh Lailpuri :--


The brilliant lyricist of Bollywood, Naqsh Lyallpuri, has the rare distinction of writing songs for 165 Hindi films, 35 Punjabi films, 100 songs for Radio and TV, apart from 60 lyrics for 60 Music Albums. He has written for almost all the Top Music directors including Naushad, Madan Mohan, Roshan, Khyyam and Jai Dev. Some of the hot and hit films, he has penned the lyrics are, Raj Kapoor's Heena, Akbar Khan’s Taj Mahal, Dil-E-Nadan, Khandan, Ahistaa Ahistaa, Dard, Tumhare Liye, Gharonda,   and Noorie, to name the few.
Born on 25th Jan. 1928 at Lyallpur (now in Pakistan) Naqsh Lyallpuri was brought up and educated at Lyallpur Rawal Pindi, where he studied upto 8th Glass. Then he joined Ahalsa College Lyallpur. He has started to write stories and poems, from his college days, when he came in Mumbai, to write for films, which was his ambition, he was only 22 years old. It was in 1950.

While in Mumbai, the enthusiastic young and ambitious Naqsh Lyallpuri, completed two scripts, including the lyrics, according to the situation. But unfortunately, both the films were held up, during the production, due to one reason or the other. Impressed by his imaginative lyrics, one of his well wishers, suggested him to meet Producer director Jagdish Sethi, who was looking for a Lyricist for his film Jaggu. When he met the movie maker, with some of his lyrics written by him, he was immediately selected and
signed. So Jaggu, became his debut making movie, as the lyrics writer. Then he decided to become professional Lyricist, and forgot about writing scripts.
He went on signing films as a song writer, one after the other. Ultimately he became one of the sought after lyricists of the film industry. He went on giving chartbuster songs one after the other, some of his hit songs have been mentioned above.
Being the   Punjabji by birth, Naqsh lyallpuri wrote songs for many Punjabi films , like Jeejaji, Mamaji, Uddekaan, Yeh Dharti Punjab Di, Geet Baharan De, Sat Saaliyan,   Paon Bara, Dharti Veeran Di,   Main Maa Punjab Di,    Layee Tod Nibhayee , Patola and Sapni, to name the few only.
The producers of TV serials have also utilised his talent of lyrics writing, in their popular serials including Shrikant, Chanauti, Amanat, Campus, Darar, Adhikar, Dusehra, Kitty Party, Abhimaan, Ashirwad, Milan and Shikwa,
His showcase is decorated with various Awards, Sheilds and Trophies, which he has won for the Jubilees of his films and as The Best Lyrics Writer, during his long Innings In Indusrtry. He is proud of the Award, which was handed over to him in Mumbai, thru The Govt Of Pakistan. This Award was presented to him, as The Native of Lyallpur, who  scaled the heights of International fame and popularity for his Writing Skill.
Despite his old age, Eye operations, he is quite satisfied, with his family, his son producer director Rajan Lyallpuri and enjoying peaceful life at: Vaibhav, B- wing, Flat No. 401, Opp. Mega Mall, Jogeshwari (W) Mumbai.Contact No:9821340406.


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