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Nasim Amrohvi
--: Biography of Nasim Amrohvi :--

Nasim Amrohvi or Naseem Amrohvi (1908-1987), was a renowned Urdu poet, philosopher, and Lexicographer. 
Nasim Amrohi's real name was Syed Qaim Raza Taqvi. He was born on August 24, 1908 in Amroha, India. He belonged to the Taqvi Syed family. His father's name was Syed Barjees Hussain Taqvi and mother's name was Syeda Khatoon. 
In 1950, he migrated to Pakistan after partition of India and Pakistan, settling in Khairpur. After ten years in 1961 he moved to Karachi. He died on February 28, 1987 in Karachi. 
Nasim Amrohvi was a member of Urdu Lughat Board. 
Through a persistent and painstaking effort spread over years, Nasim Amrohvi compiled an Urdu dictionary Nasim-ul-Lughat. For each word Nasim-ul-Lughat provides not only its meaning, its usage, its related proverbs but also the verses containing it.

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