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Nasim Yousaf
--: Biography of Nasim Yousaf :--

 Nasim Yousaf 


Nasim Yousaf is an independent scholar and historian. He is against communalism, sectarianism,
and provincialism. In 1980's he used to export from Pakistan
Nasim Yousaf is a scholar, historian and intellectual. He comes from a famous family of the
Indian sub-continent and is a grandson of the pre-eminent Allama Mashriqi (world renowned
scholar, mathematician and founder of the Khaksar Tehrik). He is also a nephew of globally
recognized social scientist Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan (both Allama Mashriqi and Dr. A.H. Khan
were nominated for the Nobel Prize - Mashriqi for Literature for his book “Tazkirah” and Dr. Khan
for Peace for his rural development and poverty alleviation projects).

Mr. Yousaf has thus far written nine books, five on the history of the Indian sub-continent and
four on import and export. Both sets of books offer a unique contribution; his books on history
uncover many hidden facts on the freedom of the Indian sub-continent, while his publications on
trade help to increase the export of apparel, textiles, hand knotted rugs, housewares, gifts and
decorative accessories from Pakistan. In 2010, his book, “Government of British India on Allama
Mashraqi and Khaksar Tehreek (Movement): A Select Chronology; A descriptive timeline of the
correspondence of the Secretary of State, Viceroy of India, Provincial Governors, and high
officials, intelligence reports, and other events. Focal period: 1930s and 40s” was published. This
publication is an unprecedented undertaking and provides a valuable contribution to the
historiography of South Asia. It is a useful tool for researchers, educationalists, students, and
journalists conducting research on the emergence of two independent states: Pakistan and India.
His books are available in the collections of many university libraries around the world. 

In addition to his books, Mr. Yousaf has also published many thought provoking articles and has
presented research papers in scholarly conferences in the USA. His articles have been published
in globally renowned publications such as “Harvard Asia Quarterly” and “World History
Encyclopedia” (USA), and in various newspapers in Bangladesh, Canada, Pakistan, India,
Sweden, United Kingdom, and the USA. 

Mr. Yousaf’s published works have changed the complexion of the current history of the Indian
sub-continent and have added a new dimension to the independence episode. His research has
compelled historians to re-visit the history of the region and correct the fabrication and
elimination of many important facts. He continues his research today and has a number of
forthcoming projects, including an important book entitled “Mahatma Gandhi & My Grandfather,
Allama Mashriqi.” This upcoming title will discuss the role of Mashriqi and Gandhi in the freedom
movement, their political differences, and the true driving force behind the liberation of British
India in 1947. 

Recognizing Mr. Yousaf’s achievements, “Marquis Who’s Who” (America's biographer since 1899)
had previously published his biography in "Who’s Who in the World" (2001, 2003, 2004) and
"Who’s Who in America" (2002). 
Awards :
Export Meritorious Performance Awards:

* Export performance award (1983)

* Export performance award (1982)

* Export performance award(1981) 

Honors and Distinctions in USA 

Bio included in Marquis’ Who’s Who (America's Biographer since 1899)

Marquis’ website:

* 2001-2003-2004: "Who’s Who in the World"

* 2002: " Who’s Who in America"

Presented papers in American Scholarly Conferences:

* The New York Conference on Asian Studies (NYCAS): 

Asia Plural at Cornell University held on October 09-10, 2009

* The New York Conference on Asian Studies: Decentering Asia. (October 26-27, 2007) 

World History Encyclopedia:

“World History Encyclopedia” (USA) includes scholar and historian Nasim Yousaf’s articles on Allama

Mashriqi and the Khaksar Movement (Khaksar Tehrik). The 21 volume encyclopedia is published by

globally renowned publisher ABC-CLIO (California, USA).

Web Site:

Articles in Academic Journals:

"Harvard Asia Quarterly", Spring 2009, Vol XII, No. 2

Title: "India’s Partition in the Face of Opposition: An Unveiled Perspective"

"Pakistaniaat" (Academic Journal), Vol 3, No 3 (2011)

Title: Khaksar Movement Weekly “Al-Islah’s” Role Toward Freedom

Other Information


Founding Member of the Board of Directors of
Pakistan Commercial Exporters of Towels
Association - PCETA (a Public Limited Company) 


Elected: Member of the Board of Directors (Member
Central Executive Committee), PCETA


Elected: Vice Chairman (North Zone), PCETA


Elected: Member Textile Quota Committee, PCETA

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