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Nathuram Sharma
--: Biography of Nathuram Sharma :--

Nathuram Sharma

Nathuram Sharma better known by his pen-name Shankar  was a Hindi and Urdu poet from Harduaganj, Aligarh, North-Western Provinces (Now Uttar Pradesh ), British India. He worked with the Irrigation Department at Kanpur and subsequently as an Ayurvedic physician. His poetic works are primarily in the dialects of Braj Bhasha and Khariboli. He was write of Modern Period.
Shankar was born in 1859 in Harduaganj, Aligarh, North-Western Provinces(Now Uttar Pradesh), British India, and received his early education at the local primary school. In 1874 when he was student of Middle Class, English Educational Inspector E. T. Constable inspected the school. Constable was impressed with his talent and knowledge and commented in the inspection book: "Nathuram is an intelligent student, full of promise." He was the father of Famous Hindi poet Hari Shankar Sharma.

Shankar knew Sanskrit and Persian as well as Hindi and Urdu. He was a contributor to Saraswati, the literary journal of Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi.
His poetic works include: Anurag ratna, Shankar saroj, Garbhranda rahasya, Gitavali, Kavita kunj, Doha, Samasyapurtiyan, Vividh rachnayen, Kalit kalewar and Shankar satsai. Influenced by the Arya Samaj movement, he was a social reformer who used his mastery of language effectively to this purpose.



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