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Niaz Fatehpuri
--: Biography of Niaz Fatehpuri :--

Niaz Fatehpuri(1882-1966)  Niaz Fatehpuri, whose real name was

Maulana Niaz Mohammad Khan, was a prolific writer. Niaz was born in

Fatehpur Hasva in UP and died in Pakistan, where he has migrated after

Partition. He  was a secular thinker having an in-depth study of religion and

major social sciences and a committed supporter of the Progressive Writers

Movement. He went onto raise questions about Quran like Sir Syed Ahmad

Khan. But his contribution to Urdu literature is invaluable. He edited the

famous magazine Nigar from from Fatehpur and then from Pakistan. His book

Mazhib-e-Alam ka TaqabuliMuta’ala had remained a centre of talks.

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