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Noor Muhammad Noor Kapoor Thalvi
--: Biography of Noor Muhammad Noor Kapoor Thalvi :--

Noor Muhammad Noor Kapoor Thalvi

A great Urdu poet & Scholar



Noor Muhammd Noor kapoor Thalvi was a famous and well-recognised Pakistani poet who was born August 5, 1917 in East Punjab , Riast Kapoor Thala India. Before the independence of Pakistan and settled  in district Lyallpur(Faisalabad) Punjab , Pakistan.

     Respectable, honorable and valuable are who those strive and struggle for the development and flourishment of Urdu and Punjabi language and literature , in the hearts of the people and struggle hard to eradicate the darkness of prejudice ,hatred and cruelly . How solemnly sincere, serious, serene, devoted and dedicated he was to the cause of Urdu and Punjabi language literature, culture, heritage, lore and folk. Sincerity devotion, patriotism and revolutionary zeal and zest were the innate qualities of this great and distinguished poet.

His personality was composed with truth, honesty, commitment, sense of human welfare and a tinge of sacrifice.

Noor Muhammad Noor Kapoor Thalvi advocated and highlighted sublime moral values of ethics, nationalism and humanism. He condemned the negative social values, ill and evils like jobbery, nepotism, corruption, favoritism, adulteration, exploitation, hypocrisy, affectation and maltreatment.

He always considered Urdu and Punjabi poetry in his first love.

“Kulliat-e-Noor” is the collection of his elevated poetry. The anthology of Punjabi poetry has been edited and compiled by his learned and scholarly nephew Dr. Izhar Ahmad Gulzar.

Who himself is a true, Sincere, devoted and dedicated lover and worker of Urdu & Punjabi language and literature.

It is a remarkable achievement in the realm of a Punjabi poetry “Kulliat-e-Noor” depicts not only all the aspects of life but also a reveals the hidden realities and facts of life .It is an excellent display and exposure of all the genres of Punjabi poetry. The poetic art is replete with logic, reason, wit, wisdom, philosophy, morality and sanity. The style is very impressive, simple, sophisticated and popular.

     He has also written three book of Urdu poetry named “Zambeel-e-Sukhan” “Thohar Ky Phool” and “Jahan-e-Rango Boo”. His Urdu poetry is also distinguished by its humanism. In his poetry of Urdu Noor Muhammad Noor Kapoor Thalvi has shown multi-dimensional approach of life. On one side he signs the songs on the praise of his lovely mother-land, in the honor of national leaders and freedom fighters. On the other hand, he glorifies and dignifies the sacred relations like the parents, teachers, religion, saints, Sufis and spiritual guides. He has got this artistic skill from his teacher and guide peer Tanvir Bukhari, a great poet & scholar of this age.

Noor Muhammad Noor Kapoor Thalvi laments over the loss of cultural heritage, disaster and deterioration of moral values like

Justice .He pays great homage to the nation builder’s .He sheds tears over the exploitation of simple laborers. He raises slogans for the restoration of their legal and moral rights
and demands a system for the up Light and well being of the working class .He has a democratic
vision and high sense of morality unchanged by the ravages of time .the purity of his syntax
and discourse remains exemplar.

Noor Muhammad Noor Kapoor Thalvi depicts the rural and pastoral scenes with rare vividness and great originality. The poet of such a caliber deserves our realistic appreciation. His venture is marked with true creative perspicuity. Several verses can be quoted like quotable quotes. The limits of
space do not allow courting them. The underling wisdom truth and reality reigns supreme in his verses. Symbolism is another conspicuous aspect of his humble endeavor. There is no interplay of more words… no jugglery.

            He has left behind… not only his poetry but three sons. Captain Muhammad Akram, Major Dr. Muhammad Aslam and Iftikhar Ahmad Rana who are serving their nation and country. Sincerely and devotedly. They are not preserving the art, heritage and name of their father Noor Muhammad Kapoor Thalvi but also flourishing and propagating it for the rest of the world.

            A grand mosque Noor-e-Madina has been built in the sweet memory of this great poet. He breathed his last on September 19, 1997 and buried in his village 87 G.B, (Babay Di Bair) via Dijkot. District Faisalabad, Pakistan.

            May Allah shower his blessings on the grave of this great poet of all eras.


By: Prof. Riaz Ahmad Qadri

Faisalabad Pakistan.



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