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Obaidullah Baig
--: Biography of Obaidullah Baig :--


Obaidullah Baig is an eminent scholar, Urdu writer/novelist, Columnist and media expert from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Obaidullah Baig with his family escaped from pograms and genocide in Rampur, India and settled in Karachi, Pakistan. Obaidullah Baig teamed up with Iftikhar Arif in 1970s and then with Ghazi Salahuddin in 1990s and won renown for the famous Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) quiz show Kasauti. Nowadays, he is running a similar program from a private Pakistani TV Channel with the name of "Kasauti, Master Mind". The program is conducted by the original host of Kasauti, Quraish Pur. His wife, Salma Baig was also a renowned face on PTV for hosting programs in the past and for her participation in educational sector.

Obaidullah Baig has three daughters. Obaidullah Baig's eldest daughter is Maryam Baig, who is studying in the United States. She is a visual artist and also a theatre actor. She is following her father's footsteps by making films as well. His second daughter is Fatima Adarsh, who is married to T.V actor Adarsh Ayaz and works for Pakistani news channels. Obaidullah Baig's youngest daughter Amina Baig is an artist; she also worked for The News International.

Obaidullah Baig has just been awarded a 'Pride of Performance' (August 14th, 2008) for his achievements in the Pakistani media. 

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