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Pagal Adilabadi
--: Biography of Pagal Adilabadi :--



Ahmed Sharif   popularly known as Pagal Adilabadi     is an Urdu poet from Hyderabad, India. He wrotemazahiya shayer or humorous poetry in his native dialect of Hyderabadi Urdu.  His pen name, "Pagal", means "crazy" in Urdu.
Pagal Adilabadi was born in Nizamabad district, Andhra Pradesh. He was a teacher in a government school in Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh, hence the name.
Pagal Adilabadi had written humorous poems, shayaries in Urdu and he kept his name as pagal meaning crazy.
In his book Khusur Phusr, it has all his work in his whole life. In the initial stage, of his life he never published his works. He was busy while working as a teacher, but after getting retired from his job, he started writing the books.
Ahmed Sherif died, while working on his book "bagare baingan".
Khusur Phusr - Goonj publications (Nizamabad)
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