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Qadir Bux Bedil
--: Biography of Qadir Bux Bedil :--


Qadir Bux Bedil


Bedil was born to a very pious family of Rohri. His father Khalifo Muhammad Mohsun was a disciple of Sayed Mir Janullah Shah Rizwi who himself was a great saint of his time, highly venerated and was chief of forty cardinals of Sufi Shah Inayat Shaheed of Jhok Shareef. Thus Bedil was brought up in such an enlightened environment under the guidance of Mir Sahib himself.It is narrated in the book “Diwan-e-Bedil” by Abdul Hussain Musavi that mid wife came and announced the news of the birth of child to father who was sitting in the gathering with Sufi Januallah Shah . She said, “You have been blessed with a child but alas, his one foot is physically twisted.” Upon hearing this father said,” He is not physically handicapped by one foot. In fact, he is the flag of Rohri city.” This statement of child’s father proved true many years later. On his birth he was named Abdul Qadir but he preferred to be called Qadir Bux. He was a staunch Muslim who moulded his life strictly according to the laws of Shariah. He was very simple and frugal in his style of living and gave away whatever he received, to the needy.He followed the path of Ishq-e-Majazi (Platonic love) to attain the heights of Ishq-e-Haqiqi (spiritual love) as dictated by Mystic doctrine.He was a devotee of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar of Sehwan also. Although he had deformity in one foot, yet he undertook long journeys to Sehwan to pay his homage to the Saint’s Shrine. He went to Jhok Sharif to pay homage to shrine of Sufi Shah Inayat Shaheed and also to Daraza, to visit the shrine of Sachal Sarmast.


Dargah Sharif of Hazrat Qadir Bux Bedil

Faqir Qadir Bux Bedil (1815–1873)better known by Bedil was a Sufi Poet and scholar of great stature.After Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Sachal Sarmast other two stars that shone on the firmament of Sindhi poetry and who could measure up to them in excellence, were the father and son – Bedil and Bekas. They wrote poetry both in Sindhi and Persian. Bedil was well versed in a number of languages, Sindhi, Saraiki, Persian, Urdu, Arabic and Hindi. He has written poetry in Sindhi, Saraiki, Urdu, Persian and even in Hindi.


Mazar Sharif Of Janab Qadir Bux Bedil

Bedil was the most voluminous poet of Sindh, even more so than Shah Latif, with 10 books of poetry to his credit. Most of his poems were written in Persian,Seraiki,Sindhi, Arabic and Urdu, and his famous Sindhi works were Wahdat Namo (Book of Union) and Surood Namo (Book of Melody). He compiled as many as 23 books on prose and poetry written in Persian, Sindhi and Urdu more known being:

Masanavi Riyaz-ul-faqr
Diwan Minhaj-ul-Haqiqat
Masanavi Nahr-ul-Bahr
Punj Gunj
Diwan Musbah-ul-Tariqat
Wahadat Namo
Sarood Namo
Masnavi Dilkusha
Diwan-e-Bedil (Farsi)
Fe Batn Ahadees
Zahoor Nama
Qurat-ul-Ain Fe Manaqib-ul-Sibtain
Tarikhai Wafat
Kursi Nama
Diwan-e-Bedil (Farsi)

Renowned Scholar Dr. Nabi Bux Khan Baloch has termed Fakir Qadir Bux Bedil as last Sufi saint who wrote on Tasawuf and history of Sindh and taught mysticism through his poetry. 'Wahadat Namo' of Bedil is a thought provoking work through which Bedil Fakir has presented the essence of Sufism (mysticism). Bedil was the first scholar who wrote history of Jhok Shraif and the sacrifice of Sufi Shah Inayat Shaheed of Sindh.


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