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Qaem Amrohvi
--: Biography of Qaem Amrohvi :--


Qaem Amrohvi   was a famous Urdu poet, philosopher and thinker. His verses are basically in the praise of Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.).
Qaem Amrohvi's real name was Syed Zariful Hasan. He was born in 1919 in Amroha, India. After partition he migrated to Pakistan. He belonged to the Naqvi Syed family, and was a close relative of Rais Amrohvi. In 1974, he was moved to Kuwait and settled there. During the days of Gulf War, he came back to Pakistan. He died in 1990 in Karachi.
His book Gul-hae Rang Rang is a collection of poetry.
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