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Qalandar Bakhsh Jurat
--: Biography of Qalandar Bakhsh Jurat :--

Qalandar Bakhsh Jurat


Qalandar Bakhsh Jurat, born Yahya Khan, was an Indian poet of the Lucknow school; he was born in 1748 in Delhi but spent his childhood in Faizabad and later migrated to Lucknow. He was the disciple of Jafar Ali Hasarat and a close friend of Insha Allah Khan Insha.

Jurat's poetry reflects the enjoyable atmosphere of Lucknow in those days. He was essentially a songster of romance and love. However, some of his verses reflect his depression and distress at the social and political chaos that prevailed at that time. Like Inshaa, he was a great favourite with the nobility, whom he amused with his wit and anecdotes.

He was not a highly educated person but he was sharp-witted and imaginative and was a regular at the court of Sulieman Shikoh. He lost his eye-sight towards the end of middle age. He was a fluent writer of ghazals. He died in Lucknow in 1809/1810. A collection of his ghazals – Kuliyaat e Jurat, was last published in 1968 by Majlis Taraqii e Adab, Lahore.


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