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Qamar Jalalwi
--: Biography of Qamar Jalalwi :--


Qamar Jalalabadi: Indian lyricist, Urdu poet
Real Name: Om Prakash
Birth: 1917
Birth Place: Jalalabad, Amritsar, Punjab
Date of Death: January 9, 2003 
Qamar Jalalabadi was one of the popular lyricists of Indian Hindi cinema. His lyricist career spans for almost four decades. As a lyricist he wrote on love, pain, ecstasy, as well as on a hurtful heart. One of his own favorite song was 'Ik dil ke tukade hajaar huye, koyi yahaan gira, koyi wahaan gira'. 
Qamar Jalalabadi was born in Jalalabad, Amritsar in 1917. His real name was Om Prakash, while he was named Qamar by some other Urdu poet. However, the name Jalalabadi attached to it, because he hails from Jalalabad. It was common practice of old days to attach name of the town to a poet's name from where he hails. 
Jalalabadi inclined towards poetry since a very little age. He started writing poetry from the age of 7. But he didn't get support from family members. However, one wandering poet named Amar gave him the required encouragement to continue writing poems. The poet gave him new name as 'Qamar' (moon), while Jalalabadi added to it because he hails from Jalalabad. 
Qamar did his matriculation from Amritsar. Before working as lyricist in the film industry, Qamar worked as a journalist for number of Lahore newspapers like Nirala, Daily Milap, Star Sahakar and Daily Pratap. In early 40s, he shifted to Pune City with the dream to become a lyricist. His debut film as lyricist was Pancholi Pictures production's 'Zameendar' in 1942. He wrote beautiful songs for the film and especially the one 'Duniya mein gareebo ko aaram nahi milata, rote hai toh hasane ka paigam nahi milata', which was sung by Shamshad. The song also had one or two lines from poet Behzaad Lucknowi. 
Qamar later moved to Mumbai to try hand in film industry. Since then he had given many beautiful songs. Qamar had a long career in film industry spanning four decades. His songs are sung by every top singer of the time like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, NoorJehan, Shamshad, Suraiya, Geeta Roy and Talat Mahmood. The other legendary singers who also rendered his songs are Amirbai Karnatqi, Zeenath Begum, G.MDurrani, Manju and many others. 
As a lyricist, he worked with numerous music composers like C.Ramchandra, Husnlal Bhagatram, S.D. Burman, Madan Mohan, Anil Biswas, Ravi, Sudhir Phadke, Khemchand Prakash, G.Damle, Shyam Sunder, Ghulaam Haider, Sajjad Hussain, Pt.Amarnath, O.P. Nayyar, Kalyanji Anandji, Laxmikant Pyarelal and many others. 
He also worked for various production houses like- Pancholi Pictures, Prabhat Film Company, Filmistan, N.C Sippy Films, Sippy Films, Minerva Movietone, Mitra Productions, Famous Pictures, Filmkar Ltd., Wadia Films Ltd., Shri Shakti Films, and Prakash Pictures. 
Along with love songs, Qamar also had written many comic songs like 'Aaj pahli taareek hai' and 'O baabu baabu re dil ko bachaana bachaana, tere dil ka banega nishana'. The song 'O baabu baabu re' is composed and sung by S.D. Burman himself. Also the composer Sardar Malik had rendered some songs of Qamar. The gems of Qamar's writings were 'Aayiye Meherba, Baithiye Jaaneja' and 'Mera Naam Chhin Chhin Chhu' from Howrah Bridge (1954). However, the whole credit went to singers Asha Bhosle, Geeta Dutt and music director Nayyar. 
Other popular songs of Qamar Jalalabadi includes 'Dam Dam Diga Diga', 'Mere Tute Huye Dil Se', 'Teri Raahon Mein Khade Hain' from film Chhaliya, 'Ek Pardesi Mera Dil Le Gaya' from Fagun, 'Deewaano Se Mat Puchho' from Upkar and many more. 
Besides lyricist career, Qamar was also one of the founder members of FILM WRITERS ASSOCIATION & IPRS. He was also popular as an Adabi Shayar. 

Qamar Jalalabadi - Hit Songs 

1. Aayiye Meherba, Baithiye Jaaneja - Howrah Bridge 
2. Deewaano Se Mat Puchho, Deewaano Pe Kya Gujri Hai - Upkar 
3. O Dur Janewaale Vaada Na Bhul Jaana - Pyar Ki Jeet 
4. Dam Dam Diga Diga, Mausam Bhiga Bhiga - Chhaliya 
5. Mere Tute Huye Dil Se Koi Toh Aaj Yeh Puchhe - Chhaliya 
6. Teri Raahon Mein Khade Hain Dil Thaam Ke - Chhaliya 
7. Ek Pardesi Mera Dil Le Gaya - Fagun 
8. Main Toh Ek Khwaab Hoon - Himaalay Ki God Me 
9. Duniya Mein Gareebo Ko Aaram Nahi Milata - Zameendar 
10. O Ruthe Huye Bhagwaan Tumko Kaise Manaau - Sindoor 
11. Ai Chand Bata Mujhko Kya Isi Ka Naam Hai Pyar - Chand




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