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Rafiq Anjum
--: Biography of Rafiq Anjum :--


Dr Rafiq Anjum  is a poet and scholar of considerable repute of both Urdu and Gojri Languages besides being a euridile writer of English Language too. A number of his poetic collections both in Urdu and Gojri Languages have earned him Accolades across the Sub-continent.  He represents the higher echelon of the modern Gojri scholarship. He is a multifaceted litterateur both at creative and analytical levels.He is well versed in modern methodology of Research and Philosophy.He is a Pediatrician by profession and equal to his task.
1. MBBS 1985, Certificate in Clinical USG, GMC Jammu University of Jammu
2. MD Paediatrics 1997 GMC Srinagar University of Kashmir
3. Certificate in Computing (CIC) 2002 IGNOU
4. MA Urdu (NET) MANUU 2009
5. MA Islamic Studies (NET) 2010 University of Kashmir
1. Indian Academy Of Pediatrics,Mumbai.
2. Gojri Research Instt.(GDCT) Jammu.
3. Member,General Council,JK Cultural academy.
4. Secretary General,JK anjuman Taraqi Gojri adab.
 Honors & Awards
1. Silver Medal Volley Ball, New Delhi 1981.
2. "College Color" in Volley Ball GMC Jammu 1985.
3. Academy Best Book Award Dil Darya 1996.
4. Himalayan Man Of Letters Award(HEM)1999.
5. State Level Academy Award for Excellence in Literature 2007.
1. Khwab Jazeeray(Urdu Poetry)1993.
2. Dil Darya(Gojri Poetry)1995.Best book Award twice 1996.
3. Kora Kagaz(Gojri short stories)1996.
4. Soghaat (Gojri Poetry Revised & Enlarged edition)2004.
5. Kaash! (Urdu Poetry Revised & Enlarged edition)2005.
6.Golden History Of Gojri Language And Literature.(Ten volumes)
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