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Rafiq Sandeelvi
--: Biography of Rafiq Sandeelvi :--

Rafiq Sandeelvi


RAFIQ SANDEELVI Born in 1961.He started writing poetry in 1980 and his collections are Sabz Aankhon mein Teer (1986) , Gurz (1987) , Aik Raat ka Zikr (1988) and Ghaar Mein Baitha Shakhs (2007) .Besides other publications he has also authored Imtezaji Tanqeed ki Sheryaat (2003) and Pakistan Mein Urdu Haiku (2007) .He is also the recipient of Husn-i-Qalam Adabi Award for 2003. 
RAFIQ SANDEELVI’s creativity first found expression in the ghazal in which he evolved his own style but his forte is the poem.The reader’s mind can visualize an interesting and graphic panorama of images in his poems, manipulated and arranged with care and precision. His choice of words is also distinctly his own which complies well with his unusual and uninterrupted thought pattern. The creative process, he says, leads to a better understanding of one’s own self and the outer realm of life, the universe, the unseen. It unfolds the mystery within.
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