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Rasheed Ahmad Siddiqi
--: Biography of Rasheed Ahmad Siddiqi :--


Professor Rasheed Ahmad Siddiqi was a notable writer and a Professor at Aligarh Muslim University. He was one of the distinguished Urdu writers of the twentieth century who are known for a unique style of their own. He was not only a satirist and a humorist but also a critic, a biographer (a writer of life sketches) and an essayist of great distinction. Known for his mild satire and humour, impressionistic criticism, a lively style of expression and eye for the right word, he has few equals in Urdu literature. Any study of his writings without keeping in view the scholarly, literary and cultural ambience of Aligarh would not make sense. Most of his themes, events and characters are, one way or the other, related to Aligarh. In fact, the source of inspiration of his creativity is usually Aligarh itself.

He was the father of Prof. Dr. Ehsan Rasheed, an eminent scholar of Pakistan. He remained alive between (1894-1977). 


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