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Rasheed Amjad
--: Biography of Rasheed Amjad :--


Rasheed Amjad is a prominent Urdu fiction writer, critic and scholar. He was born on March 5, 1940 in Srinagar, Indian state of Kashmir but migrated to Pakistan during partition and now lives in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He is currently heading the Department of Urdu at National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.

Rasheed Amjad started writing short stories after 1960 and shortly came into main stream. Initially he portrayed real life in his works then got cognize as a symbolic writer. Beside teaching, research and criticism he continued writing short stories. He has received many awards from Pakistan and India. He is also editor of literary Urdu research magazines Daryaft and Takhilqui adab.

Awards and recognition

. Pride of Performance, 2006, Govt. of Pakistan 
. Star Laureate, 2006, South Asia Publications 
. Best Teacher Award, 2005, Higher Education Commission, Govt. of Pakistan 
. Mian Muhammad Buksh Award, 2004, Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Academy, Pakistan 
. Award of Excellence, 2002, Writers & Educationists Club, Pakistan 
. Nuqoosh Award, 1994-5, Idara Nuqoosh 
. Best Teacher Award, 1982, F.G. Educational Institution, Directorate, GHQ, Govt. of Pakistan 
. Role of Honour for old students, Gordon College, Rawalpindi 
. Life Member, Pakistan Academy of Letters


A) Short stories

. Tamanna Betaab, Harf Academy, Rawalpindi, 2001-2003 
. Kaghaz Ki Faseel, Dastawez Matbooat, Lahore, 1993 
. Bezaar Adam Kay Baitay, Dastawez Publishers, Rawalpindi, 1974 
. Rait Per Grift, Nadeem Publications, Rawalpindi, 1978 
. Sehpehr Ki Khizan, Dastawez Publishers, Rawalpindi, 1980 
. Pat Jhar Main Khudkalami, Asbaat Publications, Rawalpindi, 1984 
. Bhagay Hay Biaban Mujhsay, Maqbool Academy, Lahore, 1988 
. Dasht-e-Nazar Say Aagay, Maqbool Academy, Lahore, 1991 
. Aks-e-Bay Khayal, Dastawez Matbooat, Lahore, 1993 
. Dasht-e-Khwab, Maqbool Academy, Lahore, 1993 
. Gumshuda Awaz Ki Dastak, Feroze Sons, Lahore, 1996 
. Sat Rangay Prinday Kay Taaqub Main, Harf Academy, Rawalpindi, 2002 
. Aik Aam Admi Ka Khwab, Harf Academy, Rawalpindi, 2006 
. Aam Admi Kay Khwab, Poorab Academy, Islamabad, 2007



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