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Raza Jaunpuri
--: Biography of Raza Jaunpuri :--


Mohsin Raza “Raza Jaunpuri was a noted poet. He was born at Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. His published collection of Ghazals include "Zakhmah", and collections of Naat and Hamd called "Nigar-ei-Taybah" and Navid-e-Masihah. Raza Jaunpuri was among the noted personalities of Jaunpur and his literary association received many awards mainly due to his excellent abilities in the Urdu and Persian languages. As a poet Raza Jaunpuri was both humble and introvert. So while some of the other personalities of Jaunpur rose to immense national fame, Raza preferred a life that was devoted to more literary pursuits than the fame and attention that comes along with them. Zakhma as a collection of Urdu and Persian Ghazals, contains memorable pieces like "Taj Mahal" - a rebuttal of Sahir Ludhianvi's version of the nazm - titled by the same name. While Sahir Ludhianvi saw the Taj Mahal to be a monument to the mockery of the loves of the poor, injustice and capitalism - Raza Jaunpuri prefers to see it as a masterpiece of architectural beauty that glorifies love and makes it transcendent to the generations to come and far from a capitalistic endeavor, an endeavour that venerates love virtually giving it a shape and symmetry that the world will never forget."Zakhmah", nevertheless was awarded by the State Urdu Language Board. Overall, a must have for those who are into the finer literary

Urdu with a classical persian touch. 


The prologue of the book contains a biographical essay from Mohsin Raza and gives a comprehensive background of the literary circle of the time.Raza Jaunpuri's other books include "Navid-e-Masihah" and "Nigar-e-Taybah" along with a few other lost compilations written during his early years."Nigar-e-Taybah" also lists the many appreciation of Mohsin Raza's work from contemporary poets including Naushad. Raza Jaunpuri died on December 8, 1980."Nigar-e-Taybah" was published posthumously in 1997 under a grant from Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad (ex President of India) Memorial Society, Lucknow.


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