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Raziuddin Razi
--: Biography of Raziuddin Razi :--


Razi-ud-Din-Razi, is a Pakistani poet, journalist and writer. Very common litereate level found normally in most of streets. He is considered to be one of the most famous modern Urdu poets of Pakistan. He was born in Multan, in the Punjab, on 7 May, 1964. His father Sheikh Zaka-ud-Din Uppal died in an accident when he was only 4 years old. This has made him very sensitive and insightful. He is an inborn writer and poet as Allah has blessed him with power to touch hearts by his words. In 1994, Razi-ud-Din-Razi married Shabana. Now they have one son Abdul Hannan and two daughters Nageen Fatima and Duaa Fatima.

Razi-ud-Din-Razi has started writing stories in a very young age as hobby. Soon this hobby was turned as his career. He started his career in a very young age of 20 and continued to earn name as a journalist. He is famous and known for his work in poetry and for his research work on history. His book "Pakistan 58 Saal: 14 August,1947 Se 14 August, 2005" is considered as essential for any library as it contains day wise facts about the history of Pakistan. Other notable works include "General Mirza Aslam Baig: Marshalla or Jemhoriyet" etc. His poetry and articles are available on many websites on internet.

His work experience includes time as a Broadcast Media industry Reporter, Head of Research for a television program, Magazine Editor for a daily newspaper, and News Editor.


. General Mirza Aslam Baig, Martial law or Jemhoriyet , 1989 
. Benazir Bhutto Prime Minister House se Wapsi , 1990 
. Who Ishq Jo Hum Se Roth Gaya , a collection of poetry, 1991 
. Mehkte Harf , a collection of Naats, 1994 
. Din Bedlin Gai Jana, (Poetry) 1995 
. Mohabat ki Nazmein , 1998 
. Sitarey Mil Naheen Sektay , 1999 
. Tunhein Dil mein Basana Hay , 2003 
. Adha Sach , 2005 
. Pakistan 58 years: 14 August,1947 Se 14August,2005 Tak , 2005 
. Reftagan-e-Multan , 2006 
. Multan Press Club, Tareekh or Yadein ,(in printing process) 
. Mutanaziaa Column, Adbi Column ,(in printing process)



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