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Sadia Qureshi
--: Biography of Sadia Qureshi :--


Sadia Qureshi is a   Pakistani poet, short story writer and columnist. She has been writing columns in Jang, a leading Urdu daily of Pakistan since 2007. Sadia’s weekly column in Jang is published with the name of “Poori Gwahi” in which she often illustrates degeneration of society and its values in her own characteristic style.
Sadia did her Masters in English literature from Bahawalpur University in 2000 and since then has joined Jang where she regularly contributes features and articles for its Sunday Magazine. In 2007, she started writing weekly column with the name of “Poori Gwahi”. Sadia is also a prominent poet and short story writer. Her ghazals, poems and short stories have been published in all the leading literary magazines of Pakistan.
Sadia also conducts a current affairs show on Radio Pakistan, Lahore from Monday to Wednesday 
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