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Saghier Ahmed Jafri
--: Biography of Saghier Ahmed Jafri :--


Tehreek e Pakistan Karkun/Pakistan Movement Worker participated actively in Pakistan Movement as Member of Muslim Students Federation under the Dynamic Leadership of our Great Leader Quaid e Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah - Founder of Pakistan for British leave India and We want our Dear,BeautifulCountry PAKISTAN.

Chief Engineer (Electrical & Mechanical)/Projects Manager/Former Site Engineer,Sr.Manager Major Projects in former East Pakistan (Bangladesh) from 1963 to 1971),Urdu Poet,Writer (Urdu,Arabic,English), Journalist,Organizer of Grand Int'l. Mushaire/Literary, Cultural Functions,Editor of World's Largest URDU website : URDU MANZIL :

The lovers of Urdu language and Urdu literature and Sponsors of ADABI JASHNS/MUSHAIRE/SEMINARS/URDU CONFERENCES,Poets,Writers, Media,Education,Computer Experts,Professors,all the Professionals, Business experts,Sponsors of Urdu Manzil Adabi Jashns,Int'l. Mushaire, Ghazal/Geet Singing,Painting,Photographs exhibitions/displays and the Senior Students may contact me for cooperation in my over fifty years of efforts to PROMOTE URDU ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Let us Unite and work hard to Promote URDU IN ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. Saghier Ahmed Jafri ,

Chief Engineer/Projects Manager/Businessman/Now Organizer of Int'l.Literary Functions/Adabi Jashns.

Activities : Writing Urdu Poetry, Articles, Cultural Functions, Writing Articles,Cultural, University of Karachi, London, United Kingdom, Lahore Press Club, Poetry Writing and Reading, Urdu Poet, List of news channels, Pakistan Academy of Letters

Email id :

Face book : 


Janab Saghier Ahmad Jafri letter to Janab  Jawaid Mahmood


  • Ajmer (Rajhastan) is my place of birth.My Father


    Syed Ahmed Ali Jafri and my Grand Father Syed


    Yousuf Ali Jafri (Arabic and Persian Scholar) also


    belonged to Ajmer Sharif.

    Tonk is the place of birth of my Mother Syeda


    Sadrunnisa Jafri and my Nana was Syed


    Mehmood Hussain Jafri (famous Law Expert of



    I had studied in Ajmer and Tonk Schools.My


    cousin Brothers Syed Akhtar Hussain Jafri,Syed


    Qaiser Hussain Jafri and Syed Mushtaq Hussain


    Jafri had also studied in Tonk.

    Famous writer Mushtaq Yousufi Sahib had also


    studied in the famous Darbar High School ,


    Tonk.He mentioned it to me during the Grand


    Jashn e Mushtaq Yousufi function for which the


    famous poetess,writer, chief editor of Urdu


    Manzil Sabiha Saba and your Brother,Organizer


    of International Mushaire Saghier Ahmed Jafri


    and Pakistanis had made many months efforts to


    arrange successfully in the Pakistan Association ,



    The famous writers and poets Dr. Aslam


    Farrukhi,Farhat Parveen, Fatima Hassan were


    also invited and for that Sabiha Saba and your


    Brother Saghier Ahmed Jafri had kept contact


    with them and Yousufi Sahib all the time until


    the grand and historic literary


    Jashns/International Adabi Functions and Adabi '


    Literary Awards ceremonies were over



    After Jashn e Mushtaq Yousufi , the lovers of


    literature in all parts of the World appreciated our


    efforts in organizing successfully the 


    Jashn e Farhat Parveen and Jashn e Ayub


    Khawer in Dubai (UAE).

    I was also a frequent visitor to Jaipur where


    Akhtar's Father Syed

    Masood Hussain Jafri was a Senior Manager.

    Masood Hussain Jafri and Akhtar Hussain Jafri


    were famous Urdu poets of Tonk where I got


    opportunity to attended a few interesting literary


    events/adabi nashishsts.Thanks to Dear Brother


    Urdu poet Syed Akhtar Hussain Jafri who used to


    come to our house in Tonk State of those olden


    days and take me to the adabi majlis.

    While studying in the famous Darbar High School


    Tonk,I and many

    students were very active.

    We used to participate in Darbar School Tonk's



    activities/Sheri Nashisht,Urdu poetry,short stories


    and essay

    readings etc.Our Ustad Abdul Aziz Sahib was


    keen in arranging such programs depending


    upon availability of time from regular classes of


    various subjects (Urdu,Arabic,Farsi,English,Maths



    In near future,we may visit


    Pakistan,India,Bangladesh,Qatar and USA.

    First,we will go to Karachi,Lahore,Sahiwal and


    Islamabad.We will then travel to Bangladesh


    where we hope to visit Dhaka,Sylhet and

    Chittagong etc. where from 1963 to 1971 , I had


    worked on many important power and water


    projects as Engineer in Charge,Projects


    Engineer,Projects Manager,Senior Eng'r.


    Incharge First Tallest Towers in the history of


    former East and West Pakistan (1966) and


    Manager East Pakistan for major projects.

    During our stay in India,we hope to visit


    Ajmer,Tonk and Jaipur,Merrut etc. depending


    upon the places for which the Indian Embassy


    will give us visa.

    The poets,writers,editors,journalists,media


    experts may meet

    us.They may write to us/email at : 

    Saghier Ahmed Jafri

    Urdu Manzil 




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