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Sahir Hashmi Adeeb
--: Biography of Sahir Hashmi Adeeb :--


Sahir Hashmi Adeeb (22 June 1929-6 August 1999, Kanpur) was a well-known Indian Urdu poet.
Adeeb's poetry is special in the sense that it follows strictly the norms and standards laid by the great Urdu poets and legends but at the same time addresses the present day’s ambition, challenges, problems, feelings, passion, pain of a common man. He uses skillfully the idioms, the phrases, the traditional terminology and expresses all in the simplest form. He is well read and has independent thinking. His personality exhibits the extraordinary quality of braveness that helps him to speak the truth with conviction and courage. He touches the heart, he sings melody and he promotes the freedom.
A selected collection (Ghazals, Nazms, QuatAat, Rubaiyat, Dohey) of his poetry was published as Naqeeb-e Khudi in 1981 and a collection of Hamd and Naats as Dikr Hadi wa Hidayat in 1999. Sahir was awarded prestigious Hasrat Mohani Award
Sahir was deeply involved in social and cultural activities and was a part of vibrant intellectuals of Kanpur. He served several years as President of All India Poonam Cultural Society, Kanpurand Joint Secretary of Adab-e Aaliya, Kanpur. More than 15 books were published during his tenure in Poonam.
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