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Salaam Machhalishahari
--: Biography of Salaam Machhalishahari :--

Salaam Machhalishahari


Salaam Machhali Shahari was a renowned Urdu Ghazal and Nazm writer.
He was born in Machhali Shahar, a city in District Jaunpur of Uttar Pradesh, on 1-07-1921. He was fluent in the use of Urdu, Persian and English languages. He worked in the Urdu Service Dept. of the All India Radio, New Delhi. He died on 19-11-1972.

Many of Salaam Machhalishahari’s ghazals put to music have been sung by leading ghazal-singers such as Jagjit Singh.He had also written Sonnets in Urdu. He was actively associated with the Progressive Writers Movement In a Marathi article " Geet Yatre " Madhav Moholkar writes that Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Majaz, Jazbi, Salaam Machhalishahari, Sahir Ludhianvi and other poets had started a new era of progressive poetry in Urdu literature. Salaam Machhalishahari is one of the two famous poets hailing from Machhali Shahar who left his indelible mark in contemporary Urdu Poetry the other being Mateen Machhalishahari also known as Janseene Dagh. In the year 1996, the Urdu Academy published selected poems of Salaam Machhalishahari titled Intekhab Salam Machhali Shehri ISBN 8171211011.A critical appraisal of his life and literary contributions was conducted by Dr. Aziz Indori and published titled- Salaam Machhalishahari – Shakhsiyat aur Funn.


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