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Shafeequr Rahman
--: Biography of Shafeequr Rahman :--

Shafeequr Rahman He was a humourist. Shafeeq-ur-Rahman established himself in the pre-independence era like his contemporaries, such as Ibrahim Jalees, K.L. Kapoor, Krishan Chandr, Shaukat Thanvi and Rasheed Ahmed Siddiqi. His first book ‘Kirnen’ (1942) was a collection of quasi-romantic and quasi-humorous short stories. His early stories did not show any signs of a great humorist. But in his second book, ‘Shagoofe’ (1943), romanticism gave way to humour and it was his later books, ‘Lehren’ (1944) and ‘Parwaz’ (1945), which established him as a pure humorist. ‘Himaqaten’ (1947) and ‘Mazeed Himaqaten’ (1948) earned him more accolades but the flow of his books shrank to a trickle of articles and then for almost 25 years he wrote nothing. Shafeeq-ur-Rahman died in Rawalpindi on March 19, 2000. His books include 1. Kirnen, 1942, 2. Shagoofay, 1943, 3. Lehren, 1944, 4. Parwaaz, 1945, 5. Madd-o-jazar, 1946, 6. Himaqaten, 1947, 7. Hazeed himaqaten, 1948, 8. Pachtaawe, 1948, 9. Dajla, 1980, 10. Dareeche, 1989, 11. Insaani tamasha

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