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--: Biography of Shafiqzada :--



Shafiqzada S. Ahmad has taken the world of Urdu satire by storm with his maiden book “HumTamasha.” Shafiqzada is highly qualified and well versed in various forms of literature. He is an engineer based in Dubai at present. Yet he has taken time off to write such a good book of satirical articles, essays and features. He is indeed a new whiff of air in Urdu literature. He can be contacted at Also see and  

Date of Birth—-June16 1967
Place of Birth ——Karachi Pakistan
Date/year of obtaining degree(s)—BSc(1994), Masters in HRM( 2000)
Address—PO BOX 29967 Dubai–UAE
Mobile No—0097150 909 4392
Name of spouse and children—Mrs Naz Ahmed, Danoo(son), Faiz(son), Afnanoo(son)


About HumTamasha

Adaab----I am S A Shafiqzada, I author of HUMTAMASHA- HUMOR and SATIRE- which was
published on Dec 31, 2010. The book has comments from legendary Athar Shah Khan and Icon
Prof. S M Moin Qureshi. Please read excerpts and comment. The comments I have recieved
speak of high quality humor and characterization blending with real life scenarios. One story
regarding a taxi travel in UAE is considered as unique and a fresh addition in humor writings in
Urdu. The critiques and reviews include literary personalities from India, USA, UK, UK, Pakistan
and Canada.

Besides amateur writing, I am Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence.

Mamangement Trainer and Consultant

Certified Quality Manager and Organizational Excellence(ASQ-USA)

Master Degree in HRM, BSc.

Master Trainer for Trainer and Presenters

PGD in Public Administration

PGD in Transport Management

Certified Quality Professional ( NED University)

Chairman-Pakistan Society for Quality Management

Country Councilor-American Society for Quality, USA ( 2005-2010)

LIfe Member Chartered Institute of Logistics and Tansport, UK

Member, Australian Aviation Psychologists Association
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