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Shaida Allahabadi
--: Biography of Shaida Allahabadi :--


His full name was Maulvi Nisar Hussain. He was a poet of Reekhti, a form of Urdu poetry in which the poets expresses himself in the language of women. No one knows about details of his life and when died. However, he has himself said in his deewan that he was a resident of Daryabad locality of Allahabad. The couplet is:-

Sabhi waqif hain, baashinde hain daryabad ke shaida

Allahabad mein guiyaan jo ek chhoti si basti hai.

Reekhti is such a form of poetry in which some below standard thoughts are also expressed, but Maulvi Nisar Hussain Shaida’s remarkable contribution is that he kept his kalam free of vulgarity even though some of his couplets are below standard also. He says about his poetry:

Shaida se koi poochhe, taarif reekhti ki

Ho paak gandagi se, dhoi hui zabaan ho

He also gave vent to the burning issues of his times and launched a crusade against shamelessness, bad character, vulgarity, social evils etc through his poetry. During the period in which Shaida lives, purdah was prevalent in the Muslim society. Following are the verses depicting these views:

Khule bandon jo tum bazaaron mein ghoomogi ai begum

Na jaane kya tumhen samjhenge jaahil dekhne waale

Ghar se aurat ka jo bahar qadam amman nikla

Sharm us aankh se, us aankh se iman nikla

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