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Shakeb Jalali
--: Biography of Shakeb Jalali :--


Shakeb Jalali (October 1, 1934 - November 12, 1966) was a Pakistani Urdu poet of a unique diction.

Shakeb Jalali's real name was Syed Hassan Rizvi. His ancestors were from a small town, Saddat Jalali, near Aligarh, India. In accordance with the well known Poet, Writer and authentic Critic Mr. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, Shakeb was said to be born on October 1, 1934 but his wife Syeda Mohiddisa Khatoon gives his year of birth as 1935 or 1936.

Shakeb was the only son of his parents. When he was ten years old, his mother died in an accident. This unexpected incident and suspension from his job due to Hindu Muslim conflict in India totally disturbed his father and died a little before the death of Shakeb Jalali. He passed his Matriculation Examination from Badayun (Uttar Pradesh) and then moved along with his sisters to Rawalpindi. He passed Intermediate Examination from Rawalpindi and B.A. Examination from Sialkot.

He arranged publication of different urdu magazines, worked in many literary magazines and later moved to Lahore. Owing to economical crises, Shakeb joined Thal Development Authority and was posted at Joharabad and Bhakkar. During course of transit he stayed at Sargodha where he committed suicide on railway tracks on November 12, 1966, due to some unexplained psychological disorder. He was married in 1956 and left behind a son Syed Hussain Aqdas Rizvi (Aali) and a daughter Hina Batool.

His life as a poet began in 1947 (when he was only 15 years old), he gave an entirely different and unique grace to Urdu Ghazals. His Nazms have a new style; he also tried his hands in Rubai, Qitaat, translation, etc. His poetry work was published after his death: Rooshni Ay Rooshni in 1972 by Maktaba-e-Fanoon and several additions by Mavara Publications and Kuliyat e Shakeb Jalali in 2004 by Sang-e-Meel Publications, Lahore.

Famous ghazals in Urdu

. kam-tar na jaane 
. gale mila na kabhi 
. Jahan talk bhee yah sahra dikhai data haa 
. murja ka kali jjeel main 
. aa kay pather jo mara sahan main 
. utrain ajab roshniya rat khoab main 
. woo samna tha pher bhee kahan samina kahian hova 
. main shakh say ura tha sitaroon kee aas main 
. kinar aay aab khara khud say kah raha ha koyee 
. yadain hain apna dil kee ahla safar kay sath 
. malboos khush noma hain magar jism kho

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