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Shamim Manzar
--: Biography of Shamim Manzar :--


Shamim Manzar: His forefathers belonged to Patna in India. His family tree goes to Hazrat Syed Ibrahim Malick Rahmatullah Alaihe of Bihar Shareef. He was born 25th of December 1955 in Karach. Shamim’s brother Akbar Azam Manzar is also an Urdu activist and is striving to get Urdu the status of a UN language. He is also related to Prof. Dr. Mukhtaruddin Ahmad Arzoo. He acquired his education in Pakistan and Germany. Presently, he is head of the German language department at the Goethe Institute in Karachi and also incharge of its culture-section. He writes in Urdu, German and English. He is well-known in India as well. He is author of two books (short stories Tanhai Ka Aik Din, published in the year 2003 and a novel Zawal Se Pehley, (2008). There are four TV-Plays on Partition Stories, which have been telecast in Pakistan and India.Screen Play and Dialogue of such stories are written by him.

Address: House:  A-81.  Block-18. Samanabad, Federal  “B”  Area, Karachi – 75950 (Pakistan) . Email addresses:,, Phone Res: (021) / 36 341 808, (009221) / 36 341 808. Mobile/Cell: (0300) / 22 52 376, (0092300) / 22 52 376.

Great novel “Zawal se pehle” by Shamim Manzar

Shamim Manzar is a great writer even though he has written only one novel and published a collection of his short-stories titled “Tanhai ka ek din”. Writing less is no demerit if the material is of super quality since it comes after a lot of hard work and brooding. Shamim Manzar is a highly qualified writer, who has mastery over several languages including German. His knowledge of religion, culture, history, geography, philosophy, psychology, linguistics etc is quite vast. He has command over writing and weaving the tales. And all these qualities are vividly discernable in this novel, which is a must read. The 192-page novel can be obtained from Welcome Book Port, Urdu Bazar, Karachi (Pakistan).

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