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Shaukat Thanvi
--: Biography of Shaukat Thanvi :--


Shaukat Thanvi family belonged to Thana Bhaun, a small town in Muzaffar Nagar district but he was born in Bindraban, Mathura district, UP, on February 2, 1904. Shaukat Thanvi was an essayist, columnist, novelist, short story writer, broadcaster, playwright, sketch-writer and poet but, in essence, he was a humorist and in almost all his writings an unmistakable streak of humour can always be traced. His article "Swadeshi Rail" established him as the foremost Urdu humourist. It is unfortunate that the writer of such a calibre had to write porn literature by the name of Wahi Wahanvi to meet both the ends. After partition, he migrated to Pakistan. In 1957, Shaukat Thanvi joined Jang, Karachi, and wrote a humour column called Vaghaira vaghaira. When Jang launched its Rawalpindi edition in 1959, Shaukat Sahib was posted there. He received Tamgha-i-Imtiaz in March 1963. He was ill and his health deteriorated there. He died on May 4, 1963 and was buried in Miani Sahib Graveyard.


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