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Sirajuddin Ali Khan Arzoo
--: Biography of Sirajuddin Ali Khan Arzoo :--

Sirajuddin Ali Khan Arzoo


Sirajuddin Ali Khan  also known by his pen-name Arzoo, was a Delhi-based poet, linguist and lexicographer of the Mughal Empire. He used to write mainly in Persian, but he also wrote 127 couplets in Urdu. He was the maternal-uncle of Mir Taqi Mir. He taught Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Muhammad Rafi Sauda, Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janaan and Najmuddin Shah Mubarak Abroo.

Arzoo was born in Agra in year 1687. He was the son of Sheikh Hisamuddin, a soldier who held many high offices in the court of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. He was highly proficient in Persian and Arabic, the two languages which he learned as a child. He also learned Hindi and Sanskrit.

Arzoo started writing at the age of fourteen, and came to Delhi in 1719. He was introduced to Nawab Qamar-ud-din Khan by Anand Ram 'Mukhlis'. Qamar-ud-Din, who was the prime minister at that time, gave him a suitable job. Arzu used to hold mushairas at his home, and attracted many disciples including Mir Taqi Mir. He migrated to Lucknow in 1754, and subsequently to Ayodhya, which was once the residence of his great grandfather. He died in Lucknow in 1756, and was buried in the Vakilpura area of Delhi.

Arzoo's literary works :

Siraj-ul-Lughat (a lexicon of Persian which also discusses the relationship between Persian and Sanskrit)

Chiragh-e-Hidayat (a glossary of words and idioms used by the Persian poets)

Several ghazals and qasidas

Diwan-e-Asar Shirazi

Mohiblat-e-Uzma (a treatise on prosody)

Atiya-e-Kubra (another work on prosody)

Miear-ul-Afkar (a treatise on grammar)

Payam-i-Shauq (a collection of letters),

Josh-o-Kharosh (masnavi)


Ibrat Fasana

Guka-ri-Kayal (a long poem on Holi and the coming of the spring)

Arzoo also translated Nawadir-ul-Alfaz from Gharaib


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