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Sofia Anjum Taj
--: Biography of Sofia Anjum Taj :--

Sofia Anjum Taj

As a Famous Poet & Renowned Artist

Sofia Anjum Taj has been showing great talent in the art of paintings for the past many years.  As a matter of fact she started painting from her early childhood and it was much appreciated. Her own inborn talent got a boost when she joined Institute of Art & Painting, England and as well as in Unite States of America.

Sofa Anjum Taj’s Art of paintings gives an impression that  it is a result of an imagination of past . She has lots of past memories, which reflects on the canvas widely. At the same time she is a famous poet of Urdu language, her mother tongue. Her color work in paintings of “Candles on Red Silk” is really an eye catching piece. Among her famous paintings are “Forgotten well” and “The Courtyard “.

The following are the other fine pieces of art, most of them won award for Sofia Anjum Taj on different occasions.
1.   Portrait of President Nixon on canvas was accepted for Richard Nixon Library, in California.

2.   “Mannequin” Won first place in “ Dearborn Art Craft Award, March 1992.

3.   “Eastern Phoebes nesting” was awarded “Palette Guild Award, April 1995.

4.   “Two Bottle” Water color  Auctioned in Detroit County Day School, Michigan

5.   Betty Schonhofen Memorial Award was given for “Among the Lotus”.

6.   “Deusenberg 1931” won, Palette Guild Award

7.   “Taj Mahal” Benefit Auction for Michigan Education Council, 1987

8.   “Pink Reflection” awarded in Farmington Art Club and many more.

Different Shows
1.  Wales Art  Gallery Cardiff, South Wales, U.K.

2.  Water color Art was presented on subject of flowers & Indian Village in Livonia Art Commission.

3.   Costic Center in Farmington, Michigan.

4.   Full display at first floor Limonia Public Library.

5.   Free sprit organizes an Art Show for her project.

6.   Recently worked for Farmington Rotary projects and many more....



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