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Soroor Barabankvi
--: Biography of Soroor Barabankvi :--


His real name was Saeedur Rehman and he was born in 1930 in a small town of UP, called Barabanki. His attachment with East Pakistan began when he was first called to participate in the Independence Day Mushaira, at Dhaka, in 1951. He loved the response of the public there, and returned for another such congregation of Urdu poets in 1952. This time, he decided to settle there, getting a job in the AnSuroor rose to the heights of popularity during the 1960sjuman Taraqqi-e-Urdu Dhaka office.

In 1962, when Captain Ehtesham made the first Urdu film, Chanda, Suroor Sahab wrote its story and script, apart from its songs. The Koel of Bengal, Firdausi Begum sang quite a few hits in Chanda. Suroor also wrote many of the Lyrics for Urdu films . He was Sahir of Dhaka film studio.

Suroor Sahab made three films. His first such effort was Aakhri Station, which he made on Hajra Masroor's short story, Pagli. Shabnam played a dumb and deranged girl in it, who loiters on the railway station. It was an artistically dealt movie. He also made Krishan Chandar's short story, Anjan, into a haunting film, called Tum Mere Ho. Its songs like Mala's superb number, Wahi gham hai wahi tanhai were quite famous. In West Pakistan , he made Aashna, on poetess Waheeda Naseem's short story, Begangi, but it didn't do well. He wanted to make his fourth film on the Dhaka tragedy and the POWs, the script of which was almost written down, and was titled Camp No. 333. He had gone to Dhaka to finalize arrangements for its shooting, where he had a heart attack and died on 13th April, 1980


A piece of his Poetry:

Haal me apne magan ho,fikre aainda naho 
Yeh usi insaan se mumkin hai jo zinda naho 

ZulmatoN ki madhe khaani, woh bhi iss andaaz se 
too kisii parvardaey shab kaa

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